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- Very nice parallax effect
- The 'play' button has a distinctive sci-fi style
- Nice work with the main ship bitmap, I would have liked a tilted bitmap when moving left/right, though
- I also would have liked more variety with the enemy ships, at least different shades of color
- Since each enemy takes more than one shot to be killed (unless you launch a missile), some sort of differentiation (different color/differently 'dented' sprites) would have given a good visual feedback

- Nice eerie title screen track
- Good (even if a little short) game over loop
- As about the in-game music, It feels more like a 'gangsta rap' song than a space one, making the game involuntarily hilarious (unless you were going for that vibe, of course...)
- I was expecting a sound effect when launching the missile

- When I first started playing, I had a hard time telling what the numbers displayed on screen meant (displaying the missile and 'energy object' bitmap besides the digits should suffice)

- The game has its own playability, I liked the auto-fire and the fact that both damage and fuel revolve around the same unit of measure
- Difficulty progression seems missing, I reached 3000 points without any change of pace
- Using the keys to move the ship is not a viable option due to the inertia of the ship

- The game name is 'Space Odissey' while the bitmap says 'Space Odyssey'
- When the game is over, I get 'Pontos' instead of 'Points'
- When I collect 10 missiles, the number disappears, only to reappear when I have 11 missiles

Bottom Line
- A simple but promising game, that has a lot of room for improvement.

GeneralTec responds:

Thanks for your feedback!
Check our latest update, i hope you like it!

And again, thanks again for the well written feedback, this is our first game from a group that started just for fun, so we know that we have so much to learn, and as players we know how important is to listen to the comunity!

-Leonardo "Owl" Felix, member of the GeneralTecnologia Team.

Warning: these notes contain spoilers

- The 'square/pixel' concept is interesting and nicely presented
- The eye animation of the main character is very well done
- During the game, having the words of the voice-over shown on the screen adds to the overall 'comic-like' setting
- I would have opted for a darker background color, the sky-blue color feels too 'natural'
- The particle sprite is a little too small
- I could not follow the comic dialogs with ease because of the balloon positioning: it might be worth it to investigate the techniques to better render the flow of the dialog

- Nice music throughout
- Maybe a sound effect when picking up items could have been added
- Also a sound effect when you turn the page of the comic would have added to the feeling of reading a 'real' comic

- It would have been nice to get some feedback once I got the key (open door/key shown in some inventory space or besides the player sprite)
- crossing the left/right boundary of some levels causes the level to restart, I would have liked a visual clue about this

- The game plays well, I had to fight a little with the jumping controls, though
- having infinite 'lives' is a good choice, imho

- A few English mistakes ('they aren't not perfect' / 'did you smoked' / 'the only thing you must know about them IT that...')
- Right clicking on a page should automatically reset the page position to its left/topmost corner
- At the beginning Alice says that she loves Redd, at the end she says that she made him believe that she didn't love him

Bottom line
- An enjoyable platform game with an interesting setting, captivating comic-like presentation, great music, and an important final message.

Luminem responds:

^^ Thank syou very much :D I'm sorry for english mistakes, I'm from spain :P I know there are mistakes, and this game needs a GUI. But I have not enough time, just three days left until 'university access exam' and I've to study very much. I saw the announce of the contest yesterday and I wanted to participate so I made this game very fast (one day).
I'm sorry for the balloon positioning, this is the first time I make a comic.
I want to make this game better, so probably I'll fix all and I'll add more levels for a more detailed story, but not before Construct 2 Jam
Thanks you very much for your great review, it's very useful for me :D

- I liked the style, good job
- You could consider some background scrolling, though, especially if you plan to add horizontal player movement

- Music is great and the sound effects are good, except for the 'enemy spawn' effect which is not particularly nice on the ears

- Having to press 'r' to restart does not feel very user-friendly to me: why forcing me to reach another key when I could just press 'z' or the spacebar ?
- When points are over 99, they get too close to the medal sprite
- If I choose not to use the online hi-score service, why does a window say 'your score was added' at the end of every game ? (this does not really happen, though, as my score is not saved on the leaderboard)

- The game idea is interesting, I liked the opportunity to choose between fire and stomp
- Why not allowing horizontal movement ? It would feel more natural and be very useful, especially when the game starts to speed up
- You can hit (and score on) the same enemy more than once with consecutive bullets: is this by design ?
- Difficulty ramps up too abruptly

- When the game is over, the 'enemy spawn' sound effect should not be played
- When the game is over, if I press 'z' the corresponding sound effect is played
- Stomping enemies does not award any coins (a coin is shown but the score is not increased)
- At the beginning of the game (i.e. before they start moving vertically) some enemies are too high to be hit

Bottom Line
- A nice game with great potential, I found it an impressive achievement for just three hours work.
My high score is 111, did anybody really score 1594 points ?

jupitron responds:

I´ve though about bg scrolling but to get it properly done would have taken me a lot of time, just wanted to "close it" as fast as possible with a "decent" quality, I mean not feeling like a prototype besides the game is pretty basic and has a lot of flaws.

About spawn sound fx, its cool you notice it, I found it annoying too but as before just wanted to finish it. I´ll soon change most of the things you notice.

About R key to restart, in first instance I´ve made a "press any key to restart" which is almost the same but if you are playing and lose and keep pressing keys in the very exact moment game over screen appears the restart happens too fast, i didnt want that, I´ll work around it, with some delay maybe.

Taking note about numbers too close to coin sprite.

When you lose your score is automatically uploaded as "Anonymus" if you didnt log in.

Haven´t really thought about moving freely, it´ll really change the entire game as skulls only spawn from the right side. I´ll need to change several things to feel correct with that kind of movement I think.

You can hit several times after hitting an enemy, is a combo but didnt have time to put a feedback number to get clearly. Did this felt ok or needs a change?

Difficulty curve needs a lot of playtesting, didn´t wanna to spend too much time so it was important to me that a player that enjoys this kind of game learns how to control and then go straight to the core that is to survive. With more time maybe I´ll make it more appealing but also think that the easy part gets kinda boring after losing on the hard part and knowing the real challenge if I can name it so.

Taking note of Crashes/Mishaps.

To end, let me thank you for your words, things like this just force to keep doing games besides some are good or bad, believe me that you are a valuable player that deserves to be listened and impulse me to make things better to give a better overall experience.


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