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- Great work all-around
- Some font characters seem to have alignment problems (lowercase 'l'/ uppercase 'I' are placed too much to the left, 'V' seems to be placed too much to the right)
- I'd like more contrast on the button text strings color
- the phoneguard legs animation is not 100% convincing (they seem to drag rather than walk)
- the animation when falling down from a platform should be the same used when jumping (the idle pose is used instead)

- impressive music, sets the tone of the game wonderfully
- the sound effect when I click on buttons/help screens/enable audio is pretty harsh
- the sound effect when the player lands is a little too 'bouncy'
- a simple sound effect when colliding with blue objective symbols would have added to the sense of progression of the game
- when I reach the street level, it would be nice to hear a street ambient background noise
- what about a (realistic, not cartoony) sound effect when jumping ?
- a sound effect should be played when a tower is completely disabled

- It is not perfectly clear that you have to click on the phone screen to get to the next page of the
instructions (a prompt of some sort would be very helpful)
- The second help screen "you now..." should be the first, the third should be the second, and the first help screen should be the third one
- I would not display the disabling mine counter for missions that do not use them

- I wish I had a checkpoint during the rooftop mission
- the elevator should be 'enterable' from below, too (the player sprite remains stuck with the jumping pose)
- what does a tower on the ground/street level do ?
- During the random mission selection, does the game also present the missions that were already completed ?

- pausing/quitting the game does not reset the objective counter
- a few typos: 'You now live int' 'wont' 'recive' 'both edges the city' 'be slaved'
- I disabled the first phoneguard throwing a disabling mine along its path, but the counter did not

Bottom Line
- A very well done platform game, with elements that reminded me of mirror's edge and watch dogs, and perfectly nails the theme of the construct 2 jam, imho.

BobieThe11th responds:

Thank you very much man!
you are right on every word!

- Nice overall feel
- You could use parts of the bee sprite for the 'bee hit' effect (those balls of fire do not seem too fit for the purpouse)
- I ask you to seriously consider replacing those hand-written thick text lines with some cartoony font-based strings

- Nice 'coin' effect (reminded me of sonic the hedgehog)
- The solo bass loop is a little underwhelming, something more lively would fit the theme of the game better, imho
- When the bee is hit by the airplane, it could be better to use a less mechanical sound effect (for example a buzzing sound effect with decreasing frequency - or a splat one)

- I suggest you conform to the rest of the (known) World, and use the expression 'Hi-Score' instead of 'best'/'last best'
- I would write 'score' besides the score value
- The hi-score string could be aligned to the right

- Great mix between frogger and flappy bird, I kept playing with amusement (my hi-score is 240)
- Collisions are very well implemented, I kept the bee between two rows of airplanes without being hit

- 'try your phone' is a little cryptic
- hit spape / awsome should be hit space / awesome

Bottom Line
- As the Author Comment says, 'this game is supper addictive fun for all ages', well done.
As about the room for improvement of the overall presentation, the sky is the limit,

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- Very nice parallax effect
- The 'play' button has a distinctive sci-fi style
- Nice work with the main ship bitmap, I would have liked a tilted bitmap when moving left/right, though
- I also would have liked more variety with the enemy ships, at least different shades of color
- Since each enemy takes more than one shot to be killed (unless you launch a missile), some sort of differentiation (different color/differently 'dented' sprites) would have given a good visual feedback

- Nice eerie title screen track
- Good (even if a little short) game over loop
- As about the in-game music, It feels more like a 'gangsta rap' song than a space one, making the game involuntarily hilarious (unless you were going for that vibe, of course...)
- I was expecting a sound effect when launching the missile

- When I first started playing, I had a hard time telling what the numbers displayed on screen meant (displaying the missile and 'energy object' bitmap besides the digits should suffice)

- The game has its own playability, I liked the auto-fire and the fact that both damage and fuel revolve around the same unit of measure
- Difficulty progression seems missing, I reached 3000 points without any change of pace
- Using the keys to move the ship is not a viable option due to the inertia of the ship

- The game name is 'Space Odissey' while the bitmap says 'Space Odyssey'
- When the game is over, I get 'Pontos' instead of 'Points'
- When I collect 10 missiles, the number disappears, only to reappear when I have 11 missiles

Bottom Line
- A simple but promising game, that has a lot of room for improvement.

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GeneralTec responds:

Thanks for your feedback!
Check our latest update, i hope you like it!

And again, thanks again for the well written feedback, this is our first game from a group that started just for fun, so we know that we have so much to learn, and as players we know how important is to listen to the comunity!

-Leonardo "Owl" Felix, member of the GeneralTecnologia Team.


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